284Powerful beef-consommé with slices of pancake4,60 Euro
290Powerful beef-consommé with calf's liver spaetzle5,10 Euro
285"Grannies" large potato soup with sausages, cream hood and bread6,80 Euro

356Ahead of or with the main dish: small mixed salad with seasonal ingredients4,90 Euro
359large mixed salad with seasonal ingredients 8,60 Euro
357large mixed salad with seasonal ingredients and slices of roasted chicken breast10,80 Euro
362Salad "Gasthof Schweiger" with beef steak (200g, Angus) and fresh Bavarian herb-butter15,90 Euro

341Two fried eggs with spinach and potatoes7,80 Euro
338"Allgäuer" cheese spaetzle with roasted onions and a mixed salad10,90 Euro
339"Schwammerltopf": variety of fine mushrooms in herbal cream sauce and bread dumpling10,90 Euro
345Homemade vegetarian potato-vegatable medallions with fresh kohlrabi (cabbage)8,90 Euro