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History of our house - Gasthof Schweiger Wies “beim Ladenwirt” 1751 Franz Domenikus Zimmermann (second husband of the widowed farmer Maria Lory and the son of the architect who built the Wies church) builds a small souvenir shop right next to the church.  People soon call it “s’Lädle”. 1764 Franz Domenikus Zimmermann hands the small inn over to his stepson Johann Georg Lory. He and his wife then move to the very same shop building, together with the children from Maria Lory’s first marriage. 1765 Dominika Lory, daughter of Maria Lory marries a merchant from Oberammergau, Paul Hohenleitner. For many years, the decendents of the Hohenleitner family live in the shop building next to the church. 18 67 Kreszenz Hohenleitner, who was the owner of the shop at that time, finally gets permission to also sell coffee next to the souvenirs. She has fought a long time for that achievement. But she was only given permission to sell coffee on the seven holidays that were celebrated at the Wies church. In the years that follow a restaurant developed. 1919 Susanna Hohenleitner, granddaughter of Kreszenz Hohenleitner, marries Georg Schweiger form Schwangau. With this, the name „Hohenleitner“ is removed from the house and from the village. 1925 The building is extended: an economic building, as well as an icehouse are built. The icehouse was built in the same spot that is now occupied by the current residents of the house. 1944 The original roof, which burned down in a fire is replaced with an emergency roof for many years. 1956 Georg Schweiger’s son, Hans Schweiger marries Hilde Buchenberger. They  live together in the house that also hosts the restaurant „Ladenwirt“ 1983 The restaurant is leased 1986 Margret and Heinz Müller are in charge of the restaurant from here on out 1987 First sale of the now famous “Wieskücherl” 2003 The restaurant is leased to Andreas Linder. In the years that follow, many and renovations are made: box windows now stress the structure of the historical building, a new roof is installed, the terrace is designed anew – giving the restaurant a wonderful atmosphere in the summer – and big parts of the kitchen are renovated. Thus, the restaurant is brought to its latest design. 2016 The entrance and bathroom area are renovated
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